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Anyone with a TMJ problem? Go immediately ask for an appointment with Ms. Consuela Whitfield. She does intraoral TMJ adjustments. Early February 2019 I start suffering again with ringing in the right ear, pains down my right temple, back of my head, in my sinus, down my neck and throat. It was alarming so I called my ENT doctor’s office and told her what was happening. She looked in my past records and indicated that those were the same symptom that I had in 2015 and the doctor recommended an oral surgeon. The same recommendation was made again, if I wanted to see the doctor it would be a 3 week wait. I had an appliance made back then which help some. And I also found TMJ Intraoral help at Georgia Spine Center which help more than the appliance (mouth guard). Trouble always happen right after every six month dental cleaning. This time was more severe, but I did not want to travel from Grayson to I85 Druid Hill in Atlanta. After prayer I decided to give TMJ massage another try.  That is when I found Ms. Whitfield and after a hour of working on my TMJ in and out of my mouth, my headache left, no ringing in my ear, and my teeth do not ache! I am a grateful customer. After my initial appointment and one 2 weeks later, I am just fine. Consuela is professional and created a peaceful atmosphere. I plan to see her once a month from here on out for the therapeutic help I need. Thank you, Consuela. 

Ada Brown,

Independent Marketing Executive Melaleuca The Wellness Company Online Shopping Club